The Remnants clamp system inspires designers to reuse discarded samples

The Remnants clamp system was designed by Josh Carmody Studio to inspire architects and designers to reuse the stone, tile, and timber samples which are often forgotten in design studio libraries – Utilising an untapped resource of materials, and bringing functional pieces of furniture to life in a creative, yet simple way.

The Remnants Table Series revolves around two clamps which can be purchased individually or in sets and with various leg and base attachments: the single-sided clamp – designed to hold one material and act as a table leg at the corner or side of a table; the double-sided clamp – used to hold and join two materials of equal or varying thicknesses.  The use of both clamps together allows for configuration of table tops in any size, layout and shape desired.

Maximum material thickness of the standard clamp is 30mm. Table stability and structural capacity is dependent on the person assembling the table their selected table top material, and desired leg layout.











Design, info and images © Josh Carmody Studio


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