The renovation of an abandoned house in Alella, Barcelona

Casa Herrero was an abandoned building that has been reinvented by 08023 · ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN + IDEAS into a house in which modernity, innovation and design are combined in a unique Mediterranean experience. Excellently merged within the spectacular surrounding garden, its almost 500 m2 area spread over three floors: a technical basement, a living area downstairs and a rest area upstairs. XXI century technologies are introduced and combined into the housing to build an extraordinary dwelling. The use of new insulation materials exponentially improves energy efficiency. Home automation can control the whole house through a smartphone and rainwater is used to irrigate the Mediterranean garden and fill the pool.

The living room area has large windows that allow the house to be completely opened to the outside, without barriers to the landscape. The kitchen, spacious and functional, is equipped with the latest technologies and high quality cooking equipment. The magnificent porch becomes a chill out area with LED lighting color therapy. The white infinity pool is linked with the house and also able to change the color of its waters.

Through the renovation, new wonderful terraces have been added to each bedroom, replacing the old roof. The master suite has its own spacious dressing area and an elegant bathroom-spa with a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The basement has two parking lots, a gym, storage rooms and a large spa area. The inside pool rising from the floor combines the relaxing sound of the waterfall with chromotherapy lights. Finally, the big garden surrounding the house combines Mediterranean native species with the Japanese Zen spirit.














Info and images courtesy of Simón García |

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