Tokio – the knitted carpet

B1 – Centre for contemporary design and Pauline Gorelov have just launched their Indiegogo campaign for TOKIO – the knitted carpet.

TOKIO is a knitted structured carpet freshly born in Pauline Gorelov‘s textile research lab. Very light and quickly produced, the carpet is still as dense as the best hand tufted classic rugs. A wise combination of natural wools and technical fibers makes the carpet very soft and resistant at the same time. The delicate color range and the 2/1 traditional tatami proportions pay homage once again to the inspiring craft and design from Japan.

As Pauline describes it:

“ Machine knitting is not being used for carpet production while it has various advantages: it’s much faster than the traditional tufting and weaving techniques and the starting costs are insignificant, which allows the production of small and custom series as well as bigger ones. The specific patterns I created for it give to the structure its thickness with a very small amount of material because it stores a lot of air.”

Tokio’s knitted structure ensures that the carpet is significantly lighter than any other rug without loosing it’s density!

Its weight of approximately 1,25 kg per means that it needs significantly less material in comparison to other carpets. Another side effect of the low weight is lower carbon emissions for transportation. And for you, it makes it easier to move it around your office or home.

It is also a relative fast production process. A carpet of 100 x 200 cm only takes an hour to be knitted.

Tokio is available in various standard sizes to unlimited length – at this point in time the maximum width is limited to 100 cm.

The pixel (40x40cm), pigmy (40x55cm) and kawai (40x70cm) will make your cat or dog very happy. It is also great to put it under your desk or in front of your favorite chair where it will keep you feet stylishly warm.

The small runner (55x105cm) and big runner (70x150cm) great for bed side and in corridors.

The tatami (100x200cm) is the size with which it all started. A perfect size for most living rooms, proving a special touch to your interior.





Back up the TOKIO campaign on Indiegogo, here.

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