UrbanEye Film Festival 2023: 10th Anniversary Edition: Where to?

UrbanEye Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary edition with the provocative theme ‘Where to?’ from 8-12 November at Cinema Elvire Popesco in Bucharest.

This anniversary is an opportunity for introspection and reflection on the future. Looking back at their achievements and challenges, UrbanEye now looks forward curiously and with hope. At its tenth edition, it invites you to explore the changes that have shaped our cities, how society is redefining itself and the great global challenges of the moment.

In defining this edition there had been three main directions in mind:

10 years of UrbanEye

Throughout this decade, UrbanEye has been dedicated to promoting and analysing urban issues through film screenings, facilitating in-depth discussions, uniting diverse communities and contributing to a collective increase in awareness of the importance of urbanism. Step by step, it has consolidated itself as a platform for dialogue and exploration, with the aim of involving citizens in the development of the city.

Bucharest in dynamics

The last ten years have brought significant changes to the capital. The urban landscape has been transformed, civic initiatives have gained momentum, and evolution and regression have gone hand in hand. In this context, UrbanEye aims to be a catalyst for positive change, challenging the city and its residents to become more responsible and engaged.

A microcosm in a changing world

At a time when global challenges, from climate change to political-economic crises, are multiplying, the festival aims to offer a balanced perspective, revealing both the utopias and dystopias of the present and the future.

This edition will focus on films illustrating visions of the future of the built environment both by contemporary architects and from 100 years ago, independent initiatives aimed at changing cities, and previously unseen archive films about Bucharest. In addition, there will be hands-on exploration of the space through guided tours of heritage houses and activities for children and young people.

Festival passes and tickets can be purchased on Eventbook.

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