Villa Z in Casablanca draws its inspiration from the Moroccan culture

Villa Z designed by Mohamed Amine Siana is the result of very strict city regulations and the architect’s main intention was to move away from the cube perception in order to tend to the client’s wish for openness while finding the best way to preserve privacy and protect the house from the noise of the prominent front avenue.

The project draws its inspiration from the Moroccan culture while opening up to new horizons. The intention was – working closely with the client’s lifestyle in mind – to build a house with discretion and introversion. The design centers on the opacity of the main facade, combining the principles of traditional architecture with a strong contemporary identity.

Keeping in mind intimacy and orientations, the architect focused on creating openings fully veiled from the outside while still permitting the access of sunshine. The architecture is based on ecological and passive solutions to maintain the best climate possible inside.

The project is an experiment which tries to develop practical spaces for a new Moroccan way of life, a cultural dilemma between privacy and the contemporary lifestyle.







Design and info © Mohamed Amine Siana

Images © Doublespace Photography

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