Wilhelminian Apartment by Berlinrodeo

This apartment is located in Berlin, Germany. The interior design of this apartment is based by the office interior concept.

This apartment is actually designed by Axel Schaefer intended to the order of the young art collector family, which based in Berlin Tiergarten by the river Spree.

In the progress, BERLINRODEO itself is faced by the challenge which appears during the construction. The challenge is for transforming an older apartment into a contemporary space which is difficult enough, besides, the client itself want a plenty of area to accommodate their art collections.

As a result, the showcase perfect balance inside the apartment is created. It respecting the Wilhelminian-era structure whilst simultaneously including unexpected modern luxury features such as an over sized bathtub.

Contemporary taste meets traditional architecture; it can often be a beautiful marriage. While the people enter this apartment, a classical atmosphere is felt inside this building.

It because the support of the interior design itself. The combined of semi-traditional is blending in modern interior design, for the example the roof, bathroom, floor etc.

The roof is decorated with the contemporary gypsum ornament which gives the bright situation. The natural atmosphere come from the apartment floor which is made from a wood with installed in triangular pattern. Very nice!

Inside the bathroom, an attracted eye view is found there, a large bathtub is installed, very unique! While the bathroom walls itself are patterns in various cubical colors.

The bookshelves interior design is big; many of books can storage here. And of course for an art collector, the gallery room also founded inside the apartment.






 All images © Berlinrodeo

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