Ziedlejas Latvian nature spa features Corten steel and glass cabins

Ziedlejas is a wellness resort or Latvian nature spa in Krimulda parish, Latvia made for a slow, immersive break away from the crowds. The owners aspire to keep the tradition alive while adapting it to meet modern needs. For instance, the saunas are fundamentally true to custom yet aesthetically and ergonomically enhanced. The choice of materials – linen, wood, metal – is guided by nature and local heritage.

In 2020, three Corten steel and glass cabins opened for guests to stay the night with nature in lieu of a TV screen. The cabins with fully glazed fronts are inherently adaptable and deliberately minimalist to encourage being mindful of the natural surroundings. Inspired by the tiny living movement and Japanese culture, Open AD designed custom furniture such as the foldaway double bed and pop-up tea table. Extra sleeping space is available on the mezzanine level. Each cabin has its own bathroom tucked into the secluded section. Besides the cabins, the terraced herb garden is a source of ingredients for tea blends and sauna ritual accessories. 

Ziedlejas has been a work in progress from day one, but every new addition fits like a puzzle piece to complete the story. The collaboration between the owners, architecture and design team, landscape architect and craftsmen involved has been key to the project’s success. Future plans include a third sauna building, events space, and reception area. 

As travel picks up again with time, Ziedlejas will cater to the needs of the mindful, socially responsible, and environmentally aware traveller. For now, it has become a blessing for Latvia’s own urban dwellers seeking respite from consumer culture. 

Design and info © Open AD

Images © Alvis Rozenbergs

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