10 selected winning designs of A’ Design Award and Competition

A’ Design Award & Competition aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best design every year, here are the selected 10 award winning designs that we like.

[ripple] Club House by Kris Lin

This is a high-end club is located in Chengdu, China. The overall style is a new style of Orientalism based on the concept of [resort hotel in Southeast Asia].

Kyoto Silk Retail Shop by Keiichi Hayashi

This project was to convert “Machiya”, a Japanese traditional wooden townhouse, in the centre of Kyoto, into a small shop. The original wooden frames were reinforced with steel frames because the original building was dilapidated. I focused on the way accommodating necessary functions of a beauty cosmetic shop within the space limitations of the original “Machiya”.

The Float by Kris Lin

The Float is the “Realestate Agency” of a sales center in Xiamen downtown, China. With the concept of [Float], the sales center is located on level 2, with large lanscape pool below, likes floating in the water.

Geometry Space by Kris Lin

This project is a villa project located in [SAC Beigan Hill International Arts Centre] in Shanghai suburbs, China. The building’s special features is the indoor space without any columns, which giving the largest variability and creativity in design to indoor space, but also because of freedom and variability of space, the interior structure, the technique of design is more variable, the expandable geometry creates interior space, also in line with the creative ideas pursued by [Art Center].

The Ribbon by Kris Lin

Such as “Dance of the Ribbon”, with open spatial scale, overall space is white, make use of the concept of furniture posting, shape a relationship connecting with the space, the most special is the relationship between the wall and the cabinet, integrate desk with ceiling and ground, break out section by irregular geometry deliberately

Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office by One Plus Partnership Ltd

“Mountain” being selected as the main theme of this clubhouse, the design is inspired by the location of the project – Chongqing Nanshan District, it is a valley surrounded by hills. Inspired by the geographical background, the grand slanted feature wall and the marble floor pattern are in triangular forms.

Saint Francis Chapel Room of Meditation by Rafael Hintersteiner

The Saint Francis Chapel does not meet the conventional principles of the design of a chapel. It is a small cubic room inviting to pause for a moment of remembrance. The relationship with nature associated with Saint Francis is not what the design of the chapel shall convey, but it is the simplicity and openness, the reduction to elementariness and the restraint of symbolism.

Steel Stool Stool by Fernanda Marques

A seat that can be split into several others and which, thanks to its building material, can be used both inside and outside the lounge, abolishing the limit between indoor and outdoor.

Flow by Olena Sydoruk

Nature is the never-ending source of inspiration. This furniture set was inspired by natural wood grain patterns. The curves softly flow from one another creating a unique flowing illusion that gives the set its stunningly light look.

The Monroe Chair by Alexander White

Striking elegance, simplicity in idea, comfortable, designed with sustainability in mind. The Monroe Chair is an attempt to drastically simplify the manufacturing process involved in making an armchair.

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