100 miniatures expo by Vitra and Intro

100 miniatures of classical seats which convey the history of the chair, from the Industrial Revolution to the artistic experimentation, will be exhibited at the Promenada Mall, on the occasion of the opening of a new Cărturești Library. The exhibition will unveil 100 fascinating prototypes of classical seats dating from between approx.1800 to 1990, presented in terms of nine chronological groups. These chairs are considered not as an isolated phenomena, but are placed firmly in their cultural and historical context. Faithful reproductions of drawings, photographs and catalogues illustrate the path of development of the seats, from the first draft to the production to their actual use. The exhibition offers a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to be part of an aesthetic universe closely linked to the art history over the last two centuries.

These classical chairs are exact 1:6 replicas of the originals, famous creations such as “Stuhl No. 14”, the first chair ever made from bentwood signed by Michael Thonet, who laid the cornerstone for industrial production, or the “Barcelona” chair, a pioneer of modern furniture designed in 1929 for the Spanish Royal Family. Experimental models exploring the boundary between art and design will also be exhibited, such as “Bocca Lip Sofa”, produced in homage to the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, or “W.W. Stool”, which was originally designed by Philippe Starck as part of a fantasy workspace for the German film director Wim Wenders. The miniatures are produced by Vitra, the renowned Swiss furniture manufacturer that owns the rights to produce and distribute the extensive and highly coveted Charles and Ray Eames collection. The exhibition is brought by Intro and Techo, the only Vitra dealers in Romania, with support from the Cărturești Library. The miniatures will be exhibited between October 22nd and November 5th in the Promenada Mall, the highly cosmopolitan mall which will open on October 17th at CaleaFloreasca 246B.







Info and images courtesy of Intro

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