360 Villa by 123DV features a continuous circular window

A continuous window that is shaped in a circle all around this house in The Netherlands provides a 360 degree connection between the inside and outside. Therefore, continuous visual contact with the owners’ dogs, who are very important to them, was made possible – this was the motivation behind 123DV‘s circular villa concept.

The canopy goes all the way around the house and offers the dogs a sheltered place in case of rainy days, no matter the wind direction. On sunny days it provides the necessary amount of shade. On one side of the villa, near the bedroom and kitchen, the garden floor goes half way up to the facade. This way the residents can look their dogs in the eye, being at the same level. The hill also provides privacy on the side of the street. The mirrored walls on both sides of the terrace offer the possibility of visual contact between the residents inside and the dogs outside.

Within the small area of 85 m2, the architects tried to capture a spacious feeling in the design, in combination with ensuring maximum contact between residents, their pets and the garden. The house has an open floor plan. As it is often the case in hotels, the bedroom, bathroom and living room are connected. It is possible for the clients to disconnect the bedroom from the living room by closing a sliding hatch, should they wish.












Info and images courtesy of 123DV

Photography is by Hannah Anthonysz

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