A balance between the constructed and the natural, between masses and voids

The Box XL Houses is a seven houses development in Guimarães, Portugal arranged in a diverse way, creating different relationships with the environment. The aim of the project by Grupo Zegnea was to achieve a balance between the constructed and the natural, between the mass and the void, so that these two antagonistic realities would form a peaceful and continuous dialogue, enhancing each other. The idea adopted in the project and the division of the lots was carried out to allow the creation of space between the constructed mass, thus obtaining a visual permeability with the landscape.

The house design is practical on one level, the spaces naturally adapt to a functional program. On the lower level, the garage, entrance and storage area can be found, which are accessed from a private road especially constructed for this development.

The clarity and pragmatism with which the design of the houses has been approached is likewise reflected in the constructive options and materiality. The choice of materials that compose the interior was studied in order to highlight the fluidity of the spaces, evidencing the natural and successive continuity of its uses. Externally, it seeks a succession of pure volumes, with raw materials, counterpointing to the green spaces and natural elements creating a new landscape. Therefore, the Box XL Houses establish a harmonious relationship with their surroundings. 

Design and info © Grupo Zegnea 

Images © João Morgado

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