A black concrete house in Ourém aiming to smoothly integrate into the landscape

This house by Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos, located on a piece of land in Melroeira – Ourém in Portugal, is characterized by a rectangular configuration with a descending slope towards the south (next to the public road). The difference in height between the highest point and the lowest point is approximately 4.50 m. It is a farmland with a natural landscape, facing south and overlooking the Castle of Ourém.

The project represents the home of architect Filipe Saraiva and his family and intends to meet their functional needs, while also satisfying a range of architectural requirements. After the process of identifying the site and acquiring the land, the development of the project became a natural process. From then on, the drawing started to gain a consistent form. That form has become the concept of the project with which Saraiva tried to be, throughout its development, as coherent as possible, trying not to distort from the principle. The pergola assumes the same design, as an extension from the house.

The project was developed based on the modular composition principle, creating a proper rhythm in the façades and roofing. The constructive method adopted consists in the use of prefabricated black concrete panels, with a regular dimension, that defines the stereotomy of the project, since it is composed of repeated modules arranged sequentially. The use of black concrete as a material aims for a smooth integration in harmony with the landscape, as well as to reduce maintenance costs.

In formal terms, the house results in a simple and perfectly regular volume, almost monolithic, that lands on the ground, in the longitudinal direction of its inclination, in an intermediate point overlooking the street.




















Design and info © Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos

Images © João Morgado – Architectural Photography

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