A bungalow with a veranda as a versatile, yet highly efficient living space

Villa Marie is situated on a south orientated slope in the alpine foothill region of Upper Austria, which is characterized by soft hills and splendid views to the Alps. The design by Superfuturegroup focuses on two aspects, a bungalow concept organizes all rooms on one level around a central living area and the west orientated veranda terrace. The generous veranda connects the main living room with the garden and provides a covered, outdoor social area. A big void flood plenty of natural light into the house and separates the veranda into two covered areas.

A huge sliding door opens the main living space to the outside space linking the interiors to the exteriors. Three functional volumes define a central living area, which is extendable with two additional rooms. The arrangement of the volumes creates an open spatial continuum, which has no doors visible from the main living room. Cutouts in the surfaces provide views through the spaces connecting them to each other and the surrounding.

The three volumes also incorporate other programs in the house including the kitchen area in one volume, the fireplace and seating area in another, and cabinets and storage space in the third. The wooden bungalow touches the ground on the north and opens up an entrance and service level in the basement. The wooden construction is fully prefabricated and assembled on-site, making it a more sustainable and efficient in the construction process.

Lightwood, as main material of floor and ceiling, defines the atmosphere in the house and is contrasted by dark-colored wood and fiber cement boards for the façade. The villa’s open and light interiors are further highlighted by the material palette. A wooden flooring and matching ceiling make the rooms seem illuminated and vast.

The functional volumes that separate the central living area are a darker wood, highlighting their unique purpose in the space. All the materials, textures, colors and the open layout enable the bungalow to become a versatile, yet highly efficient living space.

Design and info © Superfuturegroup

Images © Simon Oberhofer

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