A compact wooden cabin that provides shelter for up to 9 mountaineers

Kanin is a mountain above a small town, Bovec, in Slovenia, with beautiful resorts around the valley. This particular site was chosen by OFIS arhitekti for the Kanin Winter Cabin because of its 360-degree views over Slovenia and Italy, and spectacular views to Triglav, Soca Valley and Adriatic sea and its potential as a destination for hikers, climbers, cavers, mountaineers, nature lovers and romantics.

Weather conditions are very harsh, especially during the winter. Snow cover lasts more than half of year.
The area of Kanin is known for rainfall and extreme snow records. During the winter more than 10 meters of snow can fall. Strong rainstorms and winds can hit this place – rainfall record in Bovec for one day is 363 litres/m2. The mountain area is full of caves and abysses and earthquakes occasionally occur.

The cabin is a compact wooden volume organized on three floor resting platforms. These platforms are hanging towards the valley and a large glazed panoramic window offers astonishing views. A cantilevered overhang, resting on part of the cabin, reaches the smallest footprint on the rock. The interior design dictates modesty, subordinates to the function, providing accommodation for up to nine mountaineers.

The cabin settlement and transportation was an extremely difficult task. It was realized by the Slovene Armed Forces helicopter crew since the site is accessible only by climbing or helicopter. Bad weather and unexpected turbulences lead to the cabin being placed and fixed on site only at a third attempt.







Design and info © OFIS arhitekti

Images © Janez Martincic and Ales Gregoric

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