A consistent and corresponding image identity both mathematical and artistic

Ekimetrics has implanted its new headquarters on the Champs Elysees. Located the same floor of a classic Haussman building, the new location is a combination of ancient pageantry loaded with historical significance on the Champs Elysees side, along with a more traditional compartmentalized offices on the Rue Balzac section. The challenge of the project was to find this heterogeneous 1000m2 space, carrying an image that is both consistent and corresponding to the identity of Ekimetrics: mathematical in its expertise in marketing, as well as young, dynamic and artistic. At the back end, on both sides of the patio, 2 large open spaces host a large number of workstations. Yet, in order to maintain some privacy, the open spaces are connected and/or punctuated by various more informal areas such as informal conference rooms: Eki.Cube as well as convivial/social spaces: Eki.Table and Eki.Truck.








Info and images © Estelle Vincent Architecture

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