A cultural center with a dynamic nonlinear spatial shape

This project is designed by Philip F. Yuan and Archi-Union Architects and although it is micro in scale, FU Space is powerful enough to represent a new attitude to the value shift in architecture. It is located in the West Bund area in Shanghai, which is planned to be a future art and culture center of the city. FU Space will become a future non-profit contemporary art, architecture and culture communication center. It is aimed to be an exhibition and communication space. Five basic spaces including two 4.2m height spaces and three 2.8m spaces are all regular square, which could be flexible for multi-functional purposes. All special space experiences lie in the in-between circulation space. Interior public space followed by the exterior form finding process, is enhanced by an abstract thinking on creating a kind of experience like climbing the rockery of Chinese garden. Dynamic nonlinear spatial shape is built on the basis of structural performance optimization and spatial dynamics. The whole process use a variety of design methods of cutting stone, perspective geometry, and algorithm configuration.









Info and images © Archi-Union Architects

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