A dark wooden Guest&Bath House

The Guest&Bath House by FAS(t) architectural bureau is located on a natural meadow in a forest, right on a hill above a pond. It is a place full of sounds and smells in the summer, full of peace and quiet in winter. The  house is coupled with its natural surroundings, it has no decorations and it is totally wooden with big glass openings. All inside walls are wooden framework covered with plywood and the static wooden glass constructions, as well as the open windows and doors were custom-made without using prefabricated windows and doors systems. So were most of the furniture pieces.

At the heart of the space-planning solutions stands the separation of the house in accordance with its functions  in two similar parts with a similar configuration in plan, but differences in height and volume size. It was chosen the simple and clear composition of two prismatic volumes cutting each other at an angle of 90 degrees. The high volume is almost completely glazed. It is located along the north-south axis, “hanging” over the terrain on a concrete fundament. The lower volume is placed perpendicularly to the high volume and parallel to the back yard with the parking. Both volumes have flat roofs. One is covered with wood and works as a terrace, the other one is made with the organisation of a gravity layer to external drains. The roof surface is sprinkled with crushed stone.









Design, info & images © FAS(t) architectural bureau

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