A garden merges with a folded facade in futuristic Austrian residence

Corian for moisture-prone areas, black steel for the stairways and the furniture beside the fireplace, fabric surfaces for cosiness and pleasant room acoustic, painted board materials for regular use. This custom-made interior was designed in association with the architecture of this four stories house in Vienna, Austria by ad2 architekten. The colour concept is based on black and white, mixed with blue and silver grey – the facade material is galaxy blue, relating to water, blue sky.

The bespoke furniture shaped by the client’s requirements creates a united front with the building. Everything has its own place, providing a clean environment. In order to merge the garden with the folded facade on the hillside of the plot, a white connecting part was created. Made of fibreglass concrete panels, the top connects and envelopes the stairway from the pool to the garden. The lounge area – based on the typical form of a fireplace – is situated on level -1. The stairway to the lounge and the lawn area consists of 3D steps. The protected garden kitchen is situated on the -2 level. A huge aslope crack planted with giant miscanthus emphasises the transition from garden to the building.














Design and info © ad2 architekten

Images © Hertha Hurnaus Photography


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