A glass house with a walkable roof and a shading cantilever

A consolidated landscape surrounded by gardens, a large and elongated plot with a distant view of the sea and a pleasant breeze were the starting point of this project in Valencia, Spain.

Three elements make up the project by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. An extruded cover in the longitudinal direction of the ground with a “T” shape is the framework in which the space is inhabited. This geometry lets one feel the sea, protecting from prying eyes, having the sense of living without neighbors. It helps control the southern sun during summer and lets it pass through in the winter. The walkable roof becomes a sort of belvedere enjoying the entire surface of the plot.

An exempt volume houses the structure, distributes spaces and filters privacy, opening up possibilities in the way of movement and use of space. The main room, shaded by the cantilever is arranged in continuity with the outside. The interior of the unit includes wet areas and limits the scale of overnight areas that are located in the quiet part of the garden. The study opens on the corner with the spectacular views.

These two elements, the cover and the exempt volume, are deposited on the stone base where the water level and other functions of the house have been dug. These spaces are adapted to the natural slope that exists in the plot.
The scale of the house is moderated by the understanding of the living area as a base to emerge with the same natural stone which covers part of the plot. On this base the sleeping area has been placed, creating shaded terraces to enjoy the outdoors.

A noticeably square plan, which covers an extensive range of functions in a compact area, has been designed. The staircase and the inner atrium distribute the spaces, prioritizing functions, with all spaces open towards the garden.

Design and info © Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Images © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

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