A holiday home completely disconnected from the city

The Aculco House is a holiday home in Mexico completely disconnected from the city in the middle of nature. It works as a resting space connected to the natural environment, close to impressive cliffs.

The place was found by two brothers who love outdoor activities during a climbing trip and for whom the project was built. When they fell in love with the area, they acquired it and cared for it for several years (it was even reforested) before deciding to build on it. The architectural project by PPAA Arquitectos Asociados sought that the house dialogue with the environment.

The minimum need for maintenance was as well sought, and above all, the proximity to the external environment. The construction is based on solid quarry block walls, mud floors, wood and glass. All the materials were preserved in their natural state.

With clean spaces, the construction becomes just a container of views. On the other hand, during the design process, the architects were faced with the challenge of causing a minimal negative impact on the environment, while having access, at the same time, to personnel services and materials in an isolated place.

Design and info © PPAA Arquitectos Asociados

Images © Rafael Gamo

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