A Hong Kong flat to reflect a designer’s whimsical personality

The client, an eccentric fashion designer from Paris, commissioned Lim + Lu for the design of his 46 sqm bachelor pad in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, and hoped that the flat can reflect his whimsical personality.

The limited space is planned with the client’s lifestyle in mind. The dining room merges with the living room and extends to the outdoor balcony, forming a public area for the client’s frequent social gatherings.

From walls to furniture to small accessories, the palette of the apartment is a juxtaposition of colours and textures. Experimental colour combinations brighten the small flat and create a more expansive visual illusion. Red, yellow, blue and green hues collide in harmony and vitalize the space.

Furnishings with simple and clean lines are consistent throughout. Cool metallic pieces contrast with warm fabric seating, revealing a sense of multi-layered beauty. Mirrored surfaces on cabinets and tables create the vibrant interaction of light and shadow while visually enlarging the actual depth of the space.






Design and info © Lim + Lu

Images © Nirut Benjabanpot



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