A House is defined through exogenous and endogenous voids and yards

A House is located in a typical peripheral region lot, in Guimarães, Portugal, characterized by a surrounding high density residential area. The project REM’A was developed according to the immediate needs regarding the context – privacy and the natural topography of the site.

The two-story house was designed in consonance with a proposal that revolves around two different use relations defined by the creation of voids and yards – exogenous or endogenous – that correspond to the type of program that they define (social or private). For the social areas of the house, there were created exogenous voids and yards that allow transversal connections between the inside and the outside and expand the living area when the doors are fully open.

The private zones dwell on the endogenous voids, resulting from the definition of a pure volume, designed on the retaining wall, that allows the control of light and visual connections with the surrounding area – one of the boundary walls, exceptionally, is geometrically perforated, creating an entrance point on the high level of the site.

The retaining wall, that has the buried garage as a starting point, cuts the land and finishes by the pool boundary, representing the rotation of the volume of the house, but as a void. This monolith is clad with diagonal wooden rulers that alludes to a nest and involves the private zone of the house. The concrete and wood generate a gray scale in a constant chromatic mutation.

Design and info © REM’A

Images © Ivo Tavares Studio

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