A house made of spaces with their own autonomy

Amélia’s House used to belong to the aunt of the two brothers behind M2.senos. Having a special emotional connection to it, the architects expanded the house, creating spaces with their own autonomy,  always adjusting to a domestic scale, to which contributed the presence of gabled roofs and a fragmentary volumetric composition. The connection to the pre-existing constructions was created through terraces. A new autonomous piece, with one floor and a flat roof, which, through a more organic design, resolves as well the connection between the house and the new garage area, plus the covered outdoor space, delimiting the lot.

The interior is quite simple: almost only a kitchen with a nice dining area, controlling the ceiling height, the volume of the room is suspended on the roof pitch, which is accessible via a terrace or a staircase cast in black iron, a scenic presence to counteract the clean tones of the  interior. The dark color of the outside complemented by the use of flat tiles, is another chapter in the history of the house, made of grey and white volumes, that at the same is looking for some abstraction in volumetric addition, balancing the composition.









Design and info © M2.senos

Images © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

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