A large box of polished concrete with a strong tectonic presence

A simple volumetric concrete located in a secluded and quiet beach on the Yucatan coast in Mexico. This house by Cabrera Arqs, located in an area of ​​low density is planted next to other buildings and within a predominant dune area on the turquoise beaches of the west coast of the port of Chuburna, as a large box of polished concrete that thanks to its cold volume, sober and with a very strong tectonic presence, it becomes an architectural reference in the profile of the coast.

Thanks to the luminosity of its windows, light penetrates the house in a subtle and controlled manner, allowing the ground floor areas to have a unique atmosphere and invite relaxation, reading and meditation. In the upper part the window that is spoken in the room area becomes an instrument of visual communication with the outside to be able to contemplate the immensity of the sea.

The interior has a fairly simple decoration, the taste for Yucatecan crafts, the colors and textures and the architecture of the house make it an ideal architectural space to relax and disconnect from the world. Thinking that the most important thing is space and light, the architects have opted for neutral gray colors of polished concrete, both in floors and walls and the white color as a light screen on the soffits of the house. This makes a very integral contrast with the wood that appears everywhere, in details, furniture and doors.

The living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the terrace are a single space that has a small double height that integrates spatially the ground floor as the top floor and serves as a space and filter distributor to put overhead light of some grooves in the ceiling superior of the atrium.

Next to it, and without any separation, is the dining area. An area that is especially attractive despite its simplicity thanks to the glass that surrounds the space and allows one to see the beach and the sea in the background while eating.

In front, and without any separation, is the pool. This area is the public heart of the house especially attractive because it integrates completely with the public spaces of the interior, its simplicity allows one to see the beach and the sea in the background while being in the pool, resting or contemplating the exterior landscape from the dining room, one can also enjoy this transparency since you enter the house and never lose direct contact with the beach.

The kitchen, also integrated in that unique space on the ground floor without divisions, and in which the simplicity of the space stands out, a concrete bar virtually divides the space with the dining room and the use of pasta floor tapes give it a special design touch.

In the upper part and around the double height a distributor hall is developed where it connects with a study that turns into an alcove with a view to the south, and also the circulation generates a very useful workspace for the owners.

The rooms follow the same decorative style, simple and natural that in the rest of the house, with shortage of furniture, large presence of wood, large windows to put the landscape inside the house and allow the owners to wake up with the sea as a backdrop background, and the bathroom again in a subtle way is integrated into the same bedroom.

Finally, its habitable rooftop works as a viewpoint in this fantastic place and as a detail of integration, the land in the beach area is delimited with a very typical “albarrada” of the rural area of ​​the state of Yucatan.

Design and info © Cabrera Arqs

Images © Tamara Uribe

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