A mountain-themed cafe in Beijing

The Ban Shan Café is located on the east side of Beijing Jing Yuan Arts Center. The owner wanted to turn the first and second floors of the office building into a space where customers could stay and communicate freely. The first floor’s height was too high for one floor, but not high enough for two, so Robot3 Design dug down one meter in the center of the space and then built a mezzanine over it. When customers walk into the dug “basement” through the mezzanine, they experience a feeling of “walking into a mountain”. The height of the mezzanine is reduced, so inside it customers can only sit or lie. A log cabin has been built under the stairs leading to the second floor, which is divided into several small spaces. Instead of using solid partitions, the architects used green plants shelves.










Design and info © Robot3 Design

Images © Xi-Xun Deng

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