A refined weekend house in Thailand overlooking spectacular views

This weekend house by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates is situated in the resort area of Hua Hin in central Thailand. 
It is a refined weekend house overlooking spectacular views. It is situated on an elongated site with a width of 50 meters and 300 meters from the main street to the sandy beach. On the site, a weekend house previously built by the owner, can be found. Apart from that, the new volume consists of six rooms for each of the six family members and a shared outdoor dining and living area, a pool, a gym, a sauna, and a kitchen.

Each room is composed of a space of 4 meters in height, 6 meters width and 20 meters length and consists of a private living room from the opening to the seaside to the half of the building, the other half consisting of a bathroom and a loft. The outdoor dining and living areas where the family gathers are connected by a 44 meters long gate and the infinity pool of 40 meters leading to the sea.









Design and info © Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Images © Pirak Anurakyawachon




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