A sculptural element to stand out

Tengbom designed Knutpunkten‘s new south entrance in Helsingborg, Sweden as a sculptural element to stand out, an attractive component in the cityscape that contributes to increased activity and pulse. In other words, the new entrance transformed an anonymous backside of the station into another front entrance. This has also contributed to increased traffic safety, as pedestrians walking to the campus area previously had to cross the bus terminal, which has been avoided with the new flow of traffic.

In addition to solving many of the problems the city was experiencing, the entrance has become the landmark that Tengbom proposed and were hoping for. The sculptural timber roof is on two slate-clad wall plates that seem to grow up from the track area. Simple glass panels have been used as extra protection against the elements. Even the lighting design has been influential to the project, where the primary light source for the roof of the bike rack is indirect and hidden. Two existing emergency stairways were torn down and the shafts transformed into circular drop of daylight onto the platforms, with benches at ground level.









Design and info © Tengbom

Images © Felix Gerlach

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