A space for meditation and tea ceremony where ethno accents and modernism mix

The name of this interior design project in Kyiv, Ukraine by Olga Fradina was born during its creation. Starting from an apartment for rent, DzenSpaceClub has been gradually transformed into the client’s place of power and space for meditation and tea ceremony. The client, Katya Bakhirka, is a multi-talented young woman who is the owner of fashion brand Bakhirka Apparel, a hip-hop singer and the founder of a charity foundation devoted to saving the indigenous people of Amazonia.

The apartment is situated in a 5-floor Soviet era building. Since the size of the gross floor area was only 45 sqm + a small bathroom, a replanning was needed to make enough space for all expected functional zones. The moving of a wall dividing the bathroom, entrance hall and the living room, made space for a full-sized shower unit and, in the entrance hall, enough place for storage systems. The bedroom has been moved to where the kitchen had initially been. DzenSpaceClub is a multifunctional space including a kitchen zone, dining area, home office, wardrobe room and tea lounge with a dark ceiling that makes the room seem higher. There are no doors between the rooms which enhances a feeling of vastness. All the furniture but for the chairs and a sofa was designed by Olga Fradina exclusively for the project.

The designer’s primary vision was a dark-grey floor and wooden chairs on it. This combination served as an inspiration to the whole project. Smooth micro-cement on the floor, walls, built-in storage and kitchen made a perfect background for objects with a vivid texture: a low wooden tea table, by Staritska maysternya by Olga Fradina, wooden rattan wicker chairs by Eichholtz, wooden shelves, bamboo shutters, sisal carpet, bricks under paint and the wooden siding of the ceiling.

Olga Fradina likes to create mixtures of different styles to give her designs eternal, not transitory look. The DzenSpaceClub is composed of an intricateness of ethno and modernism. The Aristide chairs by Eichholtz, a modern model inspired by iconic design furniture from Chandigarh, are being accompanied by Olga’s own modernistic homage – a shelf with sliding doors, with a Riflesso by Charlotte Perriand (1958) as a reference. The theme also applied in a black round wooden dining table made by Olga with the Ukrainian Staritska maysternya. The furniture of simple geometric forms resonates with the laconic decor: traditional Ukrainian hlechyky, designer ceramics by Vos`ma Komora and Olga Fradina. 

The rather small bedroom consists of only essential things: a bed, a mirror, a stool for a bedside table and a shelf with clothes hangers. The Burning Bush by modern Ukrainian artist Alexander Bogomaz hangs above the bed. The picture matched the palette and reminded the designer of a Tibetan thangka thus giving an Oriental feel to the project. 

Design and info © Olga Fradina

Images © Yevhenii Avramenko

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