A space that follows a delicate narrative, inspired by contemporary and minimalist poetics

Terraço Aurora, a space of 130 m² in Cidade Jardim, Brazil by BC Arquitetos follows a delicate narrative, inspired by contemporary and minimalist poetics. At the entrance, an imposing portico guides the visitors to the entirely pink interior, where they come across a subtle, but extremely elegant décor. Defined as a sensory experience, the project exudes signed design, as well as artistic interventions and an incredible direct foot of 7 meters. It has been designed so that the guests can breathe and reconnect through the elements present there. “Our goal is that everyone can, for a few minutes, be the Aurora that inhabits this space,” says Bruno Carvalho. Encompassing a deconstructed living, besides a bar/kitchen, the environment overflows well-being. The natural walnut floor contrasts with the palette of colors based on pink tones, bringing comfort and warming.

Made from a much more sustainable powder coating technique, the facade, enveloped in wood-trimmed aluminum in white deco, features large doorways, which provide plenty of natural light, cross ventilation, and allow the integration between the interior and the garden, signed by Daniel Nunes, which covers the whole environment of space and creates a sense of contemplation for visitors. The kitchen/bar, which can also be interpreted as a bookcase, is an original design of the architects – whom are known for their expertise with exclusive joinery – made in partnership with Florense in a tone of metallic rose.

The furniture of Líder Interiores, in turn, has pierces signed by Suite Design, all chosen trough a special curation. The armchairs, for example, honor one of the great names in world architecture, Lina Bo Bardi, while the sofa, modular, brings comfort and functionality. The Flos luminaires by Dimlux complete the elegant composition. In addition to the contemporary accents, the studio created a temporal parallel with antique pieces, provided by Arnaldo Danemberg, through furniture of the mid-19th century. An aerial work of art, three stones made of recycled material, was created through the partnership of the designer Domingos Totora and the Manus Studio, where they delicately devised small poetic elements that emerge from the rocks and fly over the environment. Handmade objects such as clay pots, woven straw armchairs from the Téo Lodge and By Kamy’s hand loom rug also create a more intimate and cozy feel.

Hand-dyed fabrics arranged at ceiling height, which function as a kinetic art intervention, present another collaboration of the studio with Manus Studio: pulsing, soft, and full of life. Still following a more artistic narrative, each column on the terrace has a work of art. The faces, drawings by the artist Florian Raiss, were installed in a way that represented the friends of the main character, the Aurora, symbolized, in turn, through an old painting placed in the background.

Design and info © BC Arquitetos

Images © Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio

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