A synthesis of cubistic white volumes as a contemporary translation of the traditional Santorini villages

The Summer Villa is located on the fringe of Oia Village in Arcadia Hotel, the new addition to Andronis Hotels, on the Santorini island in Greece. The villa by Kapsimalis Architects is placed almost in the boundaries of the plot, in a private spot, facing the west and the Aegean Sea. The building of 600 sqm area consists of a ground floor, an upper floor, and a lower level, below ground.

A slightly slide of white walls and a garden full of olive trees comprises and signals the main entrance to the villa’s upper level. The upper floor contains a living space and a master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

A central internal staircase connects the three individual levels and unifies visually the first two, through an internal patio that leads to the dining area, illuminated by a skylight in the ceiling. The ground floor is made up of the kitchen, dining area, the main living room and a master bedroom in a row, oriented towards west and two other bedrooms in the other direction looking towards south.

The communal space of the ground level can be completely opened by sliding doors totally disappeared inside the walls, transforming the main house into a yard. The bedrooms also have access to the yard and one of them directly to the exterior pool.

The terrace of the wing that faces the south is used as exterior space of the upper level’s bedroom and is partly planted. An elongated, shallow and protected pool leads from the interior space of the bedroom straight to the view and the Cycladic sea. A big pool, a spot for sunbathing, an exterior dining area under a wood and metal pergola and gardens comprise the main yard of the villa that is connected with the upper level through, also, an exterior staircase on the south side of the building. The level below the ground consists of a small lounge area, a gym, a place for massage and retreat and two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom. A slope with plants from the ground level to the basement brings the natural light inside.

The main objective of the project was the creation of a villa as a continuity of the design of the rest of the hotel. A synthesis of cubistic white volumes, as a contemporary translation of the traditional cubistic architecture found in the villages of Santorini with a clear influence from modernism, form the villa (as well as the entire hotel), but in a bigger scale and proportions, depending on its required surface.

The arrangement of the white volumes and their orientation give variety in the perception of the space, visual fluidity horizontally and vertically and admit as much natural light as possible in the interior through skylights, patios and the sliding glass windows. This vacation house integrates natural materials, textures, and colors into a contemporary clean and cut space that follows the general lines of its surrounding, in order to cover the guests’ need for recreation and relaxation.

Beige colored surfaces, brown rough concrete for floors, light oak furnishings, off white and deep blue ceramic tiles, marble, brown-colored semi-transparent glass, rattan or textured rugs and pieces of pottery, aim to give a cosy minimal feeling of craft, an eclectic taste and a summerish, comfortable sense that conform to the island’s life.

Design and info © Kapsimalis Architects

Images © Yiorgos Kordakis

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