A tender minimalist collection of transformable vases

Kateryna Sokolova has designed a vase collection for the danish brand Bolia. Vases have laconic shapes and different surfaces – transparent, grey, or structured glass. The designer was inspired by the water surface, which can be smooth, flowing, rounded, convex or bubbled.

The designer aimed to create an elegant and practical vase that does not distract one’s attention from flowers. The universal solution is the set of two vases – one wide and one narrow. They can be used individually or combined by placing one into another. One can choose both vases with the same surface or combine smooth, bubbled and grooved finishes. The narrow vase fits for a solo flower or a delicate composition, a wide vase fits for a lush bouquet. When the vases are out of use, they can be placed one into another to save storage space.

Design, info and images © Sokolova Design

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