A white apartment with feminine colourful accents

LINIA Furniture presents Urban Spaces, a project designed for a mother and her two young daughters. The 100 sqm apartment is located in the Urban Spaces complex, which was shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Architecture – Mies Van der Rohe in 2015. Its surface is divided into three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and hallway. The client wanted the apartment to inspire feminine values mixed with their favourite colours. The design brings a breath of fresh air through the white chromatic that opens the perspective. The living room is arranged around a modern chandelier located above the dining table. The colour insertions create a sense of warmth among the otherwise cool hues, and bring an overall more vibrant finish. The storage spaces, carefully designed to be hidden, are equipped with sliding doors, each corner being used to the full and accessorised with silent door opening systems or hidden catches. A special attention was given to the dressing, a custom piece of furniture transformed into a distinctive room. It is equipped with smart accessories for storage and a revolving system designed to store several pairs of shoes in a very small space. The arrangements for the children’s rooms maintains the straight and simple lines, where white is combined with the little girls’ favourite colours. 














Info and images courtesy of LINIA Furniture, a division of Laboratorul de Arhitectura

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