AKZ Architectura bring out the essence of sparkling wine for Naïve bar

Zuieva Katya and Olga Malyshenko of AKZ Architectura were asked to design a new bar in Kiev, Ukraine and create a space fundamentally different from most Kiev bars which feature predominantly bricks, wood and rusty metal. Being given free hand in their creative decisions, the designers based the concept of the Naïve bar on sparkling wine and tried to show in its interior the essence of this drink – the lightness and the sense of celebration it implies. The bright, and at the same time, gentle colours combined with a 70’s style furniture and Art Deco bathroom resulted in a space that invites the visitor to enjoy and let loose.











Info and images courtesy of © AKZ Architectura

Photo credit © AKZ Architectura & Lesha Yanchenkov

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