Albabel Restaurant fuses Andalusian eclecticism and craftsmanship

Antonio Ramirez has been managing his Albabel pizzeria in Picaña for more than 20 years when he contacted Masquespacio wishing to completely transform his old restaurant. Being passionate about gastronomy both on a national and international level, Antonio has been dreaming of creating a new food concept that would fuse the Mediterranean kitchen with the Andalusian one of his roots, plus a touch of international ingredients. On top of this, he longed for a space that would feel like home.

Considering the client’s wishes, the new space for Albabel in Picaña is noticeably inspired by the Andalusian roots of its founder, visible in the southern Spain specific materials like raffia, earth bricks, plants and overall decorative elements. The design seeks to fusion the most eclectic part of Andalusia with the sophistication of their craftsmanship. Like in most of Masquespacio’s projects, a touch of explosive colors combined with patterns represent the graphic mark of the Spanish designers. For a lighter touch, on the other hand, olive wood furniture, including some chairs and stools, were designed exclusively for the project.









Design, info and images © Masquespacio

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