An abstract, fluid and free of infrastructures hair salon

This project consists of a response to the morphological conditions of an existing space and to a specific program, a hairdressing salon in the center of Lisbon. The program articulates five areas: waiting, cutting, make-up, washing, cabinets and technical areas (color bar, store room, employers’ room, laundry room, public and private bathroom and a meeting room). The spatial design is naturally conditioned by the pre-existence of a space and the presence of its structure.

The Loft designed by OBJECTO is now abstract, fluid and free of infrastructures, punctuated by various objects (furniture) in Portuguese marble or black steel. The ceiling height varies according to the different areas. The first and the shorter one is the waiting area, surrounded by a translucid white curtain that separates it from the cutting area. The highest ceiling area is characterized by a golden cylinder with a black velvet curtain/door, nuclear structure where the hair washing function is performed.

All the walls and ceilings are finished in stained stucco. The floor in micro-cement is present in throughout the entire space, with the exception of the waiting zone in which the existing floor (black marble) was maintained. The proposal intends to create distinct moments of experience, with transitions and successions of fluid spaces and free objects that suggest a kind of choreographic composition, activated through the movement of the bodies that will experience this space.









Design, info and images © OBJECTO



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