An algorithmic cave: iGUANEYE store by Soichi Mizutani

This first iGUANEYE store is based on revolutionary product concepts, the ideas for the creation of space also seek to promote the flexible expansion of thought processes through applying algorithmic methods. While possessed by the functionality of a space for selling products, it also reconstructs the relationship between humans and space, providing a revolutionary new “form” of space.

‘I tried to realize my spatial image as straight as possible when I committed myself to designing this “iGUANEYE” store. In other words, I analyzed a primitive image of a memory through an algorithmic treatment. We have adopted a method that replaces height, wideness, and depth by simple numbers based on the concept of modernism in order to create an imaginable space in reality. However, we have to rely on a computer when we it comes to calculating curves or three-dimensional curves in a short time. By using the algorithmic treatment, a complicated figure can be realized. It looks like a CG rendering becoming real, but it isn’t. Because that stereoscopic CG is constructed based on structural dynamics. Why I adopted this method in this project is because the idea of “iGUANEYE” has a motif of a primitive human body and I wanted to transmit this message more strongly. My spatial image inspired by the “iGUANEYE” may be a “cave” which once was a shelter for our ancestors. It may not have been an exact circle tent. They might have complicated bare rock. By using the latest technology at our age and trying to realize this space, I thought I could give a place to live to “iGUANEYE FS series” and pass it on to the designer Olivier Taco. At the same time, this is a new figure of a spatial concept “another box inside architecture” which I have been thinking about for a long time, since 90s.’  – Soichi Mizutani


Info and images © Soichi Mizutani

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