An apartment in Bucharest inspired by the classic but always fashionable Parisian interiors

Earth colors, natural and discreet materials give the space of this apartment in Bucharest a beautiful simplicity in an overly stimulating urban environment. This simplicity allows the spaces to adapt to any changes in the lives of those who inhabit them.

The apartment has been completely reconfigured to become more practical and intimate. The reconfiguration created important spaces that were missing: an entrance hall with storage, a walk-in dressing room and a spacious bathroom for the master bedroom. The living area becomes a comfortable nest, and the master bedroom is pushed as far away from the living space as possible.

The construction’s concrete structure defined studio 1408’s design approach and composition. The concrete beams spreading long distances were taller than regular. This aspect gave the architects the horizontal register line across the entire apartment. Above this line everything is white, below it, textures mingle and give the spaces vibrance and animation.

While reconfiguring the apartment, all the installations of the existing partition had to be moved and refitted to the new design while making sure everything worked properly: the new bigger bathroom has a walk-in shower, a bathtub, a toilet, and a washbasin, all repositioned and refitted.

The focus for this design was to use as many natural, warm colored materials as possible. Natural oak wood is used for the tables, as well as on the floor, the chevron parquet giving a classy touch. In addition, the wooden oak grills on the wall disperse the noise while adding visual rhythm. The architects used the same approach in the bedroom, the back wall being painted wood. All these design elements are inspired by the classic but always fashionable Parisian apartments.

Design and info © studio 1408

Images © Sabin Prodan & Lucian Bugnariu

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