An office design emphasizing equality and freedom by removing traditional cubicles

The client of this project by hyperSity in Beijing, China was a young Internet finance company. The company’s motto derives from the line “let finance have temperature”. The CEO expressed his desire for a simple, transparent and equal office space. Therefore, the design emphasizes the status of equality and freedom, removing traditional cubicles and the sense of containment.

As an experimental project pursuing a relaxed, local and resourceful workplace in the post-industrial era, the whole office is personalized with a curvy pattern following the concept of Galaxy Soho designed by Zaha Hadid, where the office is located. Instead of being confined to a traditional introverted and isolated mode of working division, the space is a breath of fresh air similar to an outdoor location.

The layout of the office was circular with a plenty of diagonal columns in the original structure. Firstly, the architects quantified different functional spaces into a three-dimensional box, such as the working area, meeting room, incubator, exhibition hall and VIP room, etc. The traffic area allows people to arrive to any place efficiently. Secondly, lots of irregular corner spaces were shaped by creating resting areas to hide the original partition walls.

The design inserts vertical levels locally for the favoring of multi-activities. For example, in some public discussion areas in the lower levels, a high platform is formed. Park elements such as a slide board are added to bring a richer experience.

The integrated functional space containers weaken the limitations of site conditions and highlight the original architectural features to reasonably solve the problems of low spatial efficiency. Hereby, there are cooperative, compact and private corners creating areas of emotional interaction and achieving a state of multi-level scenes overlapping.

The office interior design makes the coordination and dialogue with the physical quantity of the Galaxy Soho of Hadid’s architectural language. In terms of material selection, most of the space is paved with wooden finishes and customized with metal accents. The partial translucent and transparent glass partitions increases openness, the work scene becoming fluid and interpenetrating.






Design, info and images © hyperSity

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