%Arabica’s transparent design merges the coffee shop into its environment

The new %Arabica Coffee is located on the Jianguoxi Street in Shanghai, China. Being in the French concession area, it provides the street with a narrative history in the old time, while the Wutong trees on the roadsides help it build a quiet environment in the busy city.

The design by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio was inspired by the peaceful atmosphere and the dynamic sunshine coming from the street. To welcome both the street view and customers inside, the designers created an open design for the coffee shop.

Its main part is composed of a U-shape glass enclosed space and a small courtyard embracing it. The courtyard makes a seamless connection between the street and the coffee shop.

The transparent design merges the coffee shop into the environment, the natural elements like sunshine, rain and trees being all considered as elements of the space.

The interior design of the coffee shop follows the signature minimalist style of the brand. The background made of white paint and light gray cement highlights the greens into being the core of the space.

The design, which blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior, provides customers with an immersive experience of being closer to nature.

Design and info © B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

Images © Eiichi Kano

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