‘Archtracts’: minimalist extracts of architectural, urban & industrial scenarios

Dutch photographer Chris Fraikin‘s newly published “Archtracts”coffee table book features minimalist extracts of architectural, urban and industrial scenarios shot in a contemplative way. The book has 124 A4 sized pages, printed on 200 grams glossy paper and bound in a hardback cover.

Despite his age, (born in 1958) Chris Fraikin is still a newcomer to the art of photography. Educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where he studied graphic design in the seventies, he built a professional career for forty years in graphics, then IT and the music industry. In 2014 he decided to focus on photography and in search for a direction in the field that attracted him, he attended workshops and made several photo tours in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

Besides projects of all kinds, he currently found his main field of interest in what he calls ‘archtracts’: minimalistic extracts of architectural and urban spaces. He roams industrial sites to discover places and objects to immortalise. His graphic design background transpires through his works.














Info and images courtesy of Chris Fraikin

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