B-AND-BEE Honeycomb Hotel

Only one year ago this concept, imagined by Compaan and Labeur, won a creative competition in Antwerp. Compaan and Labeur then decided to join forces with Achilles Design and One Small Step to apply for the prestigious innovation scholarship CICI 2014, powered by Flanders DC and IWT. The concept of the Honeycomb Hotel was selected as one of the 16 projects and began a full year of development, prototyping, and testing.

The CICI grant formed the financial basis for the realization of the first six B-AND-BEE sleeping cells. The design began with focus groups of festival lovers whose needs, concerns and expectations were translated into specifications to determine the requirements that the B-AND-BEE sleeping cells need to meet. The first prototypes were immediately checked in quick cardboard and ergonomic models. These prototypes were soon followed by a full scale, functional wooden B-AND-BEE. In order to meet all the requirements and the specific needs of all the stakeholders, the team was in constant consultation with security agencies, festival organizations and urban services.

B-AND-BEE can be setup quickly, anywhere and using only a very small footprint. It’s not only designed for remote campsites, but meant for the middle of the action as well. Each cell has luggage storage, a locker, a light, and a power supply. The cozy king size bed can also be easily transformed into a comfortable lounge seat.

Sometimes good design can easily fail in a poorly designed system. So to insure that B-AND-BEE isn’t just a good idea on paper and small tests, the designers developed a sophisticated product-service system including transportation, operation and maintenance. B-AND-BEE is a fine example of socially and environmentally responsible industrial design. The services behind B-AND-BEE are based on the social economy. The materials used are durable and help reduce the heavy ecological footprint festivals usually have.






Info and images © B-AND-BEE

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