BARBARA ALAN’s designs are fluid as black ink spilt over silk

The British design duo BARBARA ALAN challenge conventional ideas by evaluating the construction and form of each piece reducing it to its essential. Through this research and experimentation they create a collection that is pure in its form and in its attention to detail. Innovating the summer structure BARBARA ALAN present levels of juxtaposing lengths. Oversized, exaggerated templates compensate splits and crops in garments. Strength in lines and capacious geometric patterns are unarmed by the fluidity of rounded hems in light transparent fabrics, facilitating summer layering. Visionary bonding techniques fuel a clean seamless approach which is complimented by refined fabric’s and the purity of the design. Choosing from a muted pallet which is composed of various blacks, balanced with raw inky blues, pewter and concrete gray brings a natural tonality to the Spring Summer 2015 collection.









Info and images courtesy of BARBARA ALAN

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