Casa Duas Caixas: a functional and simple piece of art

Far from the noise and stress of the capital, this home by Remy Arquitectos is located in a closed community on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Situated next to a lagoon, this home aimed to satisfy the client needs and lifestyle. Their profession linked to art was very important, the house had to be a piece of art, along with being functional and simple. The atypical functionality of the house is the result of the client’s desire to give autonomy to their kids. Therefore, kids and adult’s worlds are clearly divided.

The volumes of the house can be resumed to two overlapped boxes with carefully curated openings on the front façade. Opposite to this, the back façade opens completely towards the lagoon. These boxes rest on a semi-underground level deeply anchored in the terrain. Different open terraces to overlook the distant lagoons surrounding the house were the result of this volumetric composition.

The main entrance is located on the first level, the social level, and it’s accessed by a ramp. The main hall links the three levels of the house in a triple-height atrium bathed with sunlight from the enormous skylight that runs across the entire house. To the lower level, gaining access to the garden are the kid’s bedrooms. On this level are also located the spa and meeting area. On the upper level, with the best views, it’s the parent’s world. Master suite, along with a study and projection room are on this level.

This project was a big challenge, as the most important views where at the least desirable orientation, the South. The big skylight over the central space and the studied openings on the North façade helped the architects solve this issue, filling the entire home with light.







Design and info © Remy Arquitectos

Images © Alejandro Peral

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