Chausson’s public garden values ordinary biodiversity

On a regional scale, the Chausson’s public garden in Chandon Republique’s joint development zone (Gennevilliers, France) is located near the green axis. Valuating ordinary biodiversity, increasingly rare in the Ile-de-France, was one of the main issue of the project.

Occupying a field of 6.500 m², it is also a local garden, with an “intensive” use, due to its establishment at the heart of an eco-neighbourhood of more than 1.500 housings. The issue was, on one part, to give furnished spaces to inhabitants, constituted of an educational block, a large children play area and kitchen gardens, but also to create a quieter zone (700 m²), space of relaxation, reading and wandering.

Being general architects and contractors for the design and execution of the project and the public square, Ateliers 2/3/4/ were also coordinating architects of the joint development zone.








Design and info © Ateliers 2/3/4/

Images © Clément Guillaume

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