Cherdak Bar in Minsk by Inblum Architects

This bar in the attic of a newly rebuilt house in Minsk Old Town stands out as an example of honest use of raw materials. The original brickwork is left bare, the bar counter is executed in the same brick.

Two main features organise the space. First, it is a multifunctional structure in pine boards, which spans across the entire space. It has a bar, a lamp, a shelf and a coat rack. Taken together, it highlights the space as an archetypal attic. Second, it is a soft seating structure occupying an otherwise unusable space found under a low ceiling.

The dividing elements “mirror” the sloped ceiling, so the space becomes complete. Smaller objects of the interior, new or old, have been carefully collected by architects from different sources.

The old-fashioned garland comes from USA, the bar stools are from brilliant German designers, old chairs come from a school in Ireland, a number of armchairs bought in Lithuania and renovated date back to the Soviet period, other objects come from Swedish flea markets.

Here the architects’ prime concern has been to create a certain atmosphere, no wonder the place has acquired a unique soul.

“Reminiscences of childhood, inspiration and throes of creation, the smell of an old wooden house, mirrors reflecting fragments of our life, the truth of a character and a material, a nostalgia for the gone incandescent light bulb, paying a due tribute to these days of our life” – this is what the architects thought of and felt while designing this bar.











Info and images © Inblum

Photo credit © Darius Petrulaitis

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