Cocoon House features a facade of ventilation brick blocks

Cocoon House by Landmak Architecture is a block in a row of houses in the new urban area in Vietnam. According to regulations the sloped roof was a must for renovating. The old house’s structure was clustered and complicated, so the architects added only one floor and one mezzanine. The advantage of the place was that the spaces at the front and back of the house were prominently green. They decided to add a kitchen block at the back with the roof as terrace for the master bedroom on the second floor. The old balconies at both ends of the house were skinned with ventilation brick blocks. Inside this skin the space was left for rain, wind and sunlight to shine through. The idea of a cocoon was born, where there is still access to nature, but filtered through the security factor.










Info © Landmak Architecture

Images © Trieu Chien

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