Comporta 10 House subtly combines and embeds the region’s architectural heritage in its contemporary approach

The Comporta 10 residence is located in the Portuguese traditional village of Comporta. Surrounded by a pine forest, the building is placed on a mild sloping plot that favours sun exposure and the relationship with the landscape to the south.

The one-story house by Fragmentos is the result of a sum of volumes. The final mass has different angles of orientation, leaving semi-open and outdoor passages between them. The architectural form has also references from the traditional Comporta style, making all pieces of the region’s architectural heritage subtly combined and embedded in this contemporary approach.

The programs can be broadly divided into two parts. The left core consists of the common areas. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are continuous, and the feeling of being outside is enhanced by large structural spans and sliding glass doors. Five bedrooms with their bathrooms can be found on the right core and are defined by the creation of voids and yards, for each separate private space.

In the exterior, with a strong sense of place in mind, the natural landscape and the white-sand dunes become the central features.

Design and info © Fragmentos

Images © Francisco Nogueira

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