Concrete and wood converge and compliment each other in São Paulo apartment

In a dark apartment in with almost no cross ventilation in São Paulo, Brazil, COA Associados sought to transform the existing 3 bedroom (1 suite) program, kitchen, service area and maid’s dormitory into a large open living room that contained all the social functions combined with two compact and functional suites.

All the walls were removed, except for the one dividing the kitchen to and the existing dorm. The main suite’s closet has its original function oriented to the dormitory, while its back, a large natural wood panel, aims at opposing the soberness and coldness of the concrete floor and ceiling to the warmth of the wood.

During the design process some hidden potentialities of the apartment came out, such as the concrete ceiling kept in excellent condition, still with the original mold pagination. Another interesting element, a curved wall of the service stair, had its plaster removed and contrasts with the right angles.

The option for the monolithic granulite floor with a clear shade, added to the good condition of natural light resulting from the demolitions, makes the social area even more integrated and seeks a more contemporary language.







Design and info © COA Associados

Images © Pedro Vannucchi

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