COR Shop transforms the abstract notion of color into something palpable in space

The COR Shop (cor= color in Portuguese) is located in the underground parking of a shopping mall in Brasília, Brazil. The client asked BLOCO Arquitetos to create a space that could work both as a showroom for a Brazilian brand of paints and architectural coatings and as backdrop for the display of the work of furniture designer Paulo Alves from São Paulo. At the same time the space should have to be flexible enough to host parties and events.

The architects looked at the work of Paulo Alves as a starting point. They saw his love for the concrete art as an element that could connect all the proposed uses: color. According to Theo Van Doesburg in his Concrete Art manifesto from 1930, “Concretism is not abstract because nothing is more concrete and real than the line, the color and the surface”. Thus, BLOCO Arquitetos were interested in transforming the abstract notion of color into something palpable in space. So they looked at the work of artists like Felix Varini and George Rousse and their aim of creating certain forms that only exist when observed from a specific point of view.

They created a series of white walls that serve mainly as background for the furniture. These walls were positioned in space according to a single point of perspective at the main entrance of the shop. Therefore, from that specific point of view, the showroom looks like a sequence of white walls, floors and ceilings. This specific point of observation is marked by a white circle on the floor inside the black room that precedes the entrance. However, small “pockets” of colorful walls, floors and ceilings are revealed as one enters the shop. This was achieved following the lines of perspective from the defined point of view to define the limits of the color surfaces. The internal colors are only revealed through the movement of the visitor. A secondary display window faces small group of parking spaces. Only from this point of view it is possible to see the whole internal space at once.








Design and info © BLOCO Arquitetos

Images © Haruo Mikami



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