De-a arhitectura – architecture & built environment education for primary school

The build environment education is for children a key for understanding and involvement in the environment they live in. It is also a way to find out what gives it value and how they can improve it now and later, being also a way for the development of their civic sense. It is a way to enrich their visual culture, to be accustomed with a new vocabulary, to practice and to encourage their creativity, curiosity, personal initiative, critical sense, communication abilities and the communitarian spirit.

A shift in the Romanian architectural culture paradigm can be made only if we start with the children education, the future citizens and the ones who indirectly influence the judgments of their parents. De-a arhitectura‘s aim is to help the children understand the architecture and the build environment, and implicit the complex processes that shape the environment they live in. Their house, their neighbourhood, their city and their community shape this future citizens, send them a message about their place in the world and affect the physical and psychological qualities of their lives. The quality of architecture and of the build environment of tomorrow depends on them. Future adult citizens, users, clients and decision makers, they should be able to actively participate in shaping the world they will live in. They should be able to create communities with a healthy and harmonious life, using innovation as well as the cultural heritage.

The long term aim of De-a arhitectura cultural programme, this course being part of it, is the introduction in the national curriculum, of the architecture and build environment education, even as an optional course. It also wants to encourage and guide the teachers to use the build environment and architecture as teaching resources in the study of various disciplines.

Find out more about De-a arhitectura:
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The course De-a arhitectura – In My City is part of the cultural program De-a arhitectura – Introducing The School Age Children To Architecture And Built Environment of the Romanian Order of Architects, Bucharest branch.
*De-a arhitectura working group: arch. Corina Croitoru, arch. Miruna Grigorescu, arch. Mario Kuibuş, arch. Vera Marin, arch. Claudia Pamfil, arch. Mina
Sava, arch. Eliza Yokina
Advisor: education specialist Cătălina Ulrich

Info and images courtesy of De-a arhitectura


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